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Senior Project

The relationship between nature and civility, how exposure to green spaces have positive impacts on the wellbeing of society.

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Only when everyone is able to recognize the power of unity in civility can people feel comfort and stability in humanity. As a people, living across the world with different views, it can be hard to find a commonality that ties people together as a human race. Ultimately, that commonality is the land: its physiologic and mental impact on everyone — if people exposed themselves to nature more often, it would cultivate a more peaceful, civil, and stable world.


What is a better way to promote unity in a community than with a representation of the community as a whole? I encouraged the whole community to stamp their finger-prints on this branch that I painted to show how, as a community, we can all come together to create something exciting and significant! This acts as the visual representation of my thesis. There were 119 participants in total.

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I wrote an obituary assuming the reality of lost land. What will happen to our world if nothing is done? Where do the changes have to be made to stop this rapid and irreversible change? Does this loss mean the loss of other things too?

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